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Explore Devon’s spectacular coastline

There is a huge amount of truly inspirational sea kayaking on offer in Devon; we plan trips that will take us through this spectacular and tranquil environment visiting remote beaches and getting up close to a variety of amazing wildlife.

Discover otherwise inaccessible parts of the coast and experience stunning natural beauty and wildlife in its own habitat. Whatever your ability, there’s a trip here for you. Distances covered are always flexible and entirely tailored to your needs and aspirations. A novice family on a leisurely day can easily cover 10 miles or more.

Sea Kayaking is the perfect summer activity. Modern sea kayaks are comfortable, stable and easy to paddle. We will visit remote sandy beaches where you can enjoy a picnic in the sun away from the crowds and dive into the sea for a refreshing swim!

You will be amazed at how easy it is to sea kayak; with lots of instruction from our enthusiastic and experienced coaches you will be off exploring the stunning Devon coast quicker than you could have imagined! The kayaks are remarkably sea-worthy, and you will be taught the skills necessary to have a fun and safe day out. We keep group sizes small so that you get lots of personal attention and coaching.

Join us for a relaxing and revitalising day out on the water; families, groups and individuals are all welcome!

On our Sea kayak taster sessions we will paddle right up to the rocky shores, under sea arches, through sea caves, and in and out of the nooks and crannies. It’s here that you’ll see the most amazing wild life. It’s a real thrill to glide quietly around a rocky headland and to find yourself face to face with a Seal or Otter.

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