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British Canoe Union (BCU) Qualifications- Star 1-4

A detailed Syllabus of each course can be found on the BCU website

BCU 1 Star: 1 Day £80 – Pre requisite, have completed a kayak introductory course

The BCU 1 Star Award is where you master some basic skills in kayak and canoe. You will develop skills such as Launching and landing, forwards paddling and turning and looking at equipment & safety. The day will also involve a coastal journey

BCU 2 Star: 2 Days £160 – Pre requisite BCU 1 Star

This is an improver award and once completed the paddler will have developed a better understanding of how the paddle, boat and water interact. The course is predominantly practical but there is also an element of theory.

BCU 3 Star Sea Training: 2 Days £160 – Pre requisite BCU 2 Star

This course will cover in-depth the whole of the 3 star syllabus and we will use a variety of locations to get the optimal conditions to test out your skills. Each day will involve a journey of approximately 16km in moderate tidal conditions and where possible moderate wind and wave conditions (up to force 4)

BCU 3 Star Sea Assessment: 1 Day £80 – Pre requisite BCU 3 Star Sea Training

The is the level requires for entry into the BCU coaching courses and a such candidates are required to demonstrate a high level of ability of the 3 star syllabus. The day will involve a journey around the coast looking at the skills required for a moderate tidal environment with winds up to force 4.

BCU 4 Star Sea Leader Training: 2 Days £160 – Pre requisite BCU 3 Star Sea

This course aims to teach you the skills required to lead a group of 4 people in moderate tidal waters and in winds up to force 4. Upon completion you will be given a detailed action plan for progressing to the 4 star assessment.

BCU 4 Star Sea Leader Assessment: 2 Days £180 + Reg Fee

Pre requisite – BCU 4 Star Sea Training, a first aid award, logged experience (for full details please visit

This BCU qualification enables candidates to lead small groups of competent paddlers on coastal journeys in moderate conditions. You will be assessed on your personal skills, leadership skills, navigation and incident management.

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