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Improvers Course in Sea Kayaking

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Improve your personal paddling skills with our kayak courses

The improvers course in sea kayaking is ideally suited to people who have done our introduction course or who have some basic flat water kayaking experience. 

The course is based around a journey exploring the coast and you will learn and practice new skills as you paddle. We tailor each course to suit the aspirations of the group but the typical improvers course will involve things like: personal paddling skills and stroke development, rescue and emergency procedures, tidal planning and navigation. 

You will get to explore some truly spectacular and beautiful parts of the coast, with the opportunity to spot lots of amazing wildlife.

If you can’t make any of the following courses, simply let us know which dates you are available and we will be happy to arrange a course for you. Email:

Improvers (2 Days) £165

  • March, Saturday 24th – Sun 25th
  • March, Sat 31st – Sun 1st Apr
  • April, Saturday 7th – Sunday 8th
  • April, Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th
  • April, Monday 23rd – Tuesday 24th
  • May, Monday 7th – Tuesday 8th
  • May, Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th
  • May, Thursday 24th – Friday 25th
  • June, Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th
  • June, Thursday 21st – Friday 22nd
  • June, Monday 25th – Tuesday 26th
  • July, Saturday 7th – Sunday 8th
  • July, Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd
  • August, Saturday 4th – Sun 5th
  • August, Saturday 18th – Sun 19th
  • September, Thur 6th – Fri 7th
  • September, Mon 17th – Tues 18th
  • September, Sat 22nd – Sun 23rd
  • October, Sat 20th – Sun 21st

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Improvers (5 Days) £385

  • March, Sat 31st to Wed 4th Apr
  • April, Monday 23rd to Friday 27th
  • May, Monday 7th to Friday 11th
  • June, Monday 25th to Friday 29th
  • September, Mon 17th to Fri 21st

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Improvers Course in Sea Kayaking



*Min of 2, Max of 6. Get in touch (01392 580535 / if you are on your own or have a larger group.