Hope Cove & Batham

Sea Kayaking in Hope Cove

The Idyllic Fishing Village of Hope Cove is famous for smugglers and pirates. It’s also a classic sea kayaking location. It’s a West-facing coastline with nothing between you and America; this makes it the perfect location if there are strong Easterly winds and we often launch from here as part of our 5-day courses. The Sea Caves at Bolt Tail are some of the biggest and most spectacular on the South Coast.

Sea Kayaking Surfing Bantham Beach

Bantham is one of the best surf beaches anywhere on the South Coast. It also happens to be absolutely perfect for learning to surf in a Sea Kayak. We launch in the shelter of the Avon estuary and where the estuary meets the Sea you will find waves as small or big as you like. You can start on a wave 6-inch wave that gently builds to 1 foot before gradually sinking back down to flat water without breaking. If you want, on the same day, 500m down the beach you can be surfing a clean 6-foot wave! 

Bantham and Hope Cove are good places to finish a multi-day expedition from Beesands or even Dartmouth. 

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