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An action-packed trip along the very best of the South Devon coast


Family Day Out In Devon –  Sea Kayaking Fun With The Kids!

Sea kayaking makes for the most perfect family trip! You’ll go on a mini-expedition ducking in and out of hidden lagoons and picnicking on secluded golden sand beaches. Watch their delight as they discover the wonders of this unspoilt coast and get up close to the wildlife!

Young Family VS our other trips… What’s The Difference? Not much!

Where you go and what you do is usually exactly the same on all trips, but this trip helps us team up families with kids of a similar age.

IMPORTANT! All ages are welcome on this trip but younger children age 5 to 11 get priority on DOUBLE KAYAKS! If your family has a mix of younger kids and teenagers, you should book the Young Family Trip so that we know to reserve you double kayaks for any younger kids in your group.

As an approximate guide, children aged 11 and younger often go in a double kayak with an adult. However, we know that some 11-year-olds are taller and fitter than their parents! If this is the case of course they can paddle a single kayak by themselves. However, if you are not sure then it might be worth taking a double kayak because double kayaks are great fun and will let you go on a bigger adventure!

Half Or Full Day, Which Should I Choose?

The HALF DAY trip gives you a taste of all the best bits of a real Sea Kayaking experience. Nearly everything detailed below can be fitted into a half-day trip.  

However, the FULL DAY gives you more time to enjoy the sights and wildlife and you’ll get to relax with a leisurely picnic on a remote beach. 

Most young families pick a half-day but we do also run a huge number of full-day trips and this is sure to be one of the highlights of your holiday! 

Where You Go & What You See…

This is an action-packed trip to the very bests bits of the coast. Because our kayaks are so easy to paddle, your kids will be able to go as fast and far as the adults and younger kids ride up front in double kayaks. You’ll be amazed at WHERE YOU GO, it’s usually the same route as the adult trips! And WHAT YOU SEE is super exciting!

Happy Enthusiastic Instructors

Our instructors have boundless enthusiasm and they are all brilliant with kids so there won’t be a moment that isn’t packed full of fun! You’ll get to find hidden shipwrecks, jump off rocks into the sea. You can explore places only accessible by kayak, like into spooky sea caves and through a hidden tunnel that leads to a secret lagoon.

Fishing & Foraging

In our lobster pots we catch and learn about amazing sea creatures like crabs, mini sharks (dogfish), lobsters and if you’re lucky we sometimes even catch an octopus! We’re very gentle with all the animals we find and after you’ve had a good look most things go back in the water.


We nearly always stop for a rest on a beautiful remote beach and you can help your instructor make a driftwood campfire. We will show you how to light the fire with a flint and steel and it’s great fun to roast one of our delicious marshmallows on a stick. We are all experts at this so there will usually be time for a fire even on a half-day trip. If you want to learn more about bushcraft why not book one of our family wild camps.

Specialist Gear For Kids

We have a selection of smaller kayaks for your children and younger kids can still join in the fun by sitting in the front of one of our big stable double kayaks which they can share with an adult. We have a selection of ‘mini kit’ especially for kids, including specialist kayak life jackets designed for young children.

The Perfect Location

With stunning scenery and endless exciting places to explore, Dartmouth is one of the best places to Sea Kayak anywhere in the UK.  

The famous Dart estuary with its steep valley sides lined with ancient Oak forests provides us with calm sheltered kayaking. Out along the coast, there are lots of sheltered bays and inlets so you can have a fun but also relaxing time.

Young & Old!

Kids as young as 5 are very welcome and we have taken even younger kids out on the water, please give us a call if you’re unsure if your children are old enough. Nobody is too old to kayak and so please do bring granny and grandad! Sea Kayaking is a brilliant activity for a mixed ability group. Young kids, teenagers, parents and grandparents can all go out together; all of you will have a fantastic and exciting time!

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