Wild Camping

Fully Catered Kayak Camping Adventures

Could this be the highlight of your summer? Your adventure starts here… There is simply no better way to get away from the crowds and explore the unspoilt parts of South Devon’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

“It’s liberating to feel you kayak gliding silently along, knowing that you have everything you need to be happily self-sufficient for the next few days in the wild”

The Experience

Feel the excitement build as you load your kayak, then set off on a journey with everything you’ll need to be comfortable and self-sufficient for a few days. The Sea Kayak lets you exploring remote sections of coast where no other boat can go. Spend the day fishing, swimming and spotting wildlife; then land at a beautiful camp spot, at the waters edge on a deserted beach. 

A Sea kayak… The Perfect Craft

At its heart, a Sea Kayak is designed for journeys and built to carry supplies. Like all boats, Kayaks, make carrying heavy loads easy. Because they are tough and only need an inch of water to float, there is simply no craft for exploring the unique environment where the Sea meets the Land. Find hidden sandy coves, hidden Sea arches, hidden sea caves and hidden passageways between rocky islands. 

What’s Included?

Our fully catered camps provide everything you could need to be comfortable to stay out for the 2 days. As well as your kayaking kit we also give you all the camping gear: tents, inflatable camp mattresses, head torches, cooking equipment. Most importantly, as much delicious food as you can eat! 

What Do I Need?

You can turn up in shorts, t-shirts, and a warm change of clothes and we’ll sort the rest! You don’t need any previous experience and we provide all the food and camping gear; however, you are very welcome to bring any cool gadgets that own, like penknives etc. The only other thing you might like to bring is a bottle of your favourite wine or beer to sip around the campfire! Click here for a details list of the kit we provide and what you should bring. (link to kit list) 

How Much Can The Kayak Carry? 

The beauty of travelling by kayak (in fact any boat) is that they make it easy to carry heavy loads. Hiking in the wild with a big rucksack is hard work… a fully loaded Sea Kayak is a breeze to paddle. It can actually make it feel more stable and comfortable.  

There are approximately 120 litres of dry storage in each kayak (a big expedition rucksack is about 90 litres). In addition to this, there are about 50 litres of non-watertight storage on your deck and in the kayak cockpit. Remember the hatches to the dry storage compartment are not big so you need to load the storage compartment in the same way that you would pack a rucksack. We provide you with as many dry bags as you need for your personal gear, so your sleeping bag goes in a dry bag and then in a watertight hatch in the kayak. 

Food & The Menu

One of the highlights of your trip will be delicious food. It’s all prepared by Kay who before joining the Sea Kayak Devon team spent many years working as head chef at an exclusive wilderness expedition centre. Everything is homemade to order and to the highest quality. Putting together a feast on a beach is great fun and our kayak guides are all experienced expedition cooks. They’ll be there to help organise the cooking and the setting up of the camp; they will also help you learn new tricks for living in style in the wild! 

To view our extensive menu options please click here (link to the menus)