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Surfing a Sea Kayak is perhaps the most exhilarating thing you can do. This sea kayak course is designed for people who already feel confident in a kayak and want to take their skills to the next level. 

It’s All About The Location

Sea Kayaking Surfing Bantham Beach

Bantham is one of the best surf beaches anywhere on the South Coast. It also happens to be absolutely perfect for learning to surf in a Sea Kayak. We launch in the shelter of the Avon estuary and where the estuary meets the Sea you will find waves as small or big as you like. You can start on a wave 6-inch wave that gently builds to 1 foot before gradually sinking back down to flat water without breaking. If you want, on the same day, 500m down the beach you can be surfing a clean 6-foot wave! 

Sea Kayak In Advanced Conditions – Tide, Wind & Waves

We tailor all our course to suit your needs and on the Surf Course, we will often also go in search of a more exposed section of the coast that is less protected from the weather to find the optimum conditions to enable you to test the skills you have already learnt. The aim is to allow each individual to challenge themselves as much as they like, and your instructor will always be there to help if you suddenly feel out of your depth. As always group sizes will be kept small so that you get the attention you require from your instructor.

Advanced Paddling

We will look at the specific skills necessary to handle a sea kayak in these more advanced conditions, as well as how to predict and plan for the tide, wind and waves.

  • New Exciting Sea kayak challenges
  • Sea kayaking in advanced conditions
  • Predict & Plan for adverse conditions
  • Build on your previous kayaking experience

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