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Spend a magical week on the Isles of Scilly or discover Lundy Island from a Sea Kayak.

Due to COVID 19 we don’t currently have dates for out Expeditions and Holidays; please click the button above to get in touch. As soon as we know when we can travel, we would be delighted to organise a trip for you if you have a ready-made group (3 or more people).

We run expeditions to the 2 largest islands in the South West of the UK, to the Isles Of Scilly or Lundy Island. 

The Isles Of Scilly – 6 Days

There’s no better way to experience the Isles of Scilly than by Sea Kayak. This legendary Archipelago should be on any Sea Kayakers bucket list. White sand beaches, hundreds of tiny deserted islands and some of the most incredible wildlife in the UK. This a sea paddlers paradise.

A Unique Environment

Situated 28 miles South West of Lands End, the Isles of Scilly are squarely in the path of the Gulf Stream. This brings unusually warm weather and so an incredible variety of wildlife and plant life. Tresco Abbey even has a sub-tropical garden, home to 20,000 plants from more than 80 countries!

Why It’s Ideal For Sea Kayaking

With its maze of hundreds of tiny islands and sheltered coves, the Isles of Scilly provides the perfect location for Sea kayaking. No matter what the conditions are doing there will always be an option for a brilliant day out.

Timing & Logistics

The holiday will be based from St.Martins, it’s a lovely quiet island with great walks and stunning views. There is a great selection of fabulous holiday cottages, hotels and B&B’s to choose from. Lots of people opt for the campsite which is right next to the beach just a 30-sec walk through the dunes to your kayak, this is where you’ll be meeting each day. If you’d like to eat out in the evenings there are some great pubs serving delicious food.


Most people arrive in Penzance on Sunday evening, for a pre-trip meetup in the pub. If you would like some info on accommodation options please get in touch. The ferry departs on Monday at 09:00; as soon as the boat leaves you’ll feel like the adventure has started. Keep a good lookout on the crossing as there are lots of Dolphins and Whales to be seen. 

The ferry arrives on the island of St.Marys at 12:00. It’s about an hours paddle from St.Marys to St.Martins. and the ferry company transport your bags onto the campsite for you so all you have to do is paddle across with your day kit. 

You and your guide can pore over maps each evening to make plans for the following day, but some ideas are:

  • Monday afternoon – St.Marys and St.Martins
  • Tuesday – Circumnavigation of St.Martins and Eastern Isles
  • Wednesday – Tresco and Bryher (visit the famous Tropical Gardens if you’re keen)
  • Thursday – St.Marys, St.Agnes and Western rocks
  • Friday – Samson and Northern Rocks

On Saturday the ferry departs from St.Marys at 16:30 so you’ll have time for another great morning. 

Prices from £529 – Contact us for more details

Lundy Island – 4 Days

The magic of a trip to Lundy is something that will blow you away! This unique island is 12 miles off the coast and is often just a hazy dot on the horizon when viewed from the busy beaches of North Devon. It’s home to an abundance of amazing wildlife and a small friendly island community

A Pristine Area Of Conservation

Owned by the National Trust and managed by the Landmark Trust, Lundy Island’s natural environment is in safe hands! You’ll get to experience this from a kayak which is a privilege not many people get to enjoy.

Timing & Logistics

We catch the 10:00 boat to the island and return in the afternoon of the 4th day.

There are a number of accommodation options with over 20 charming holiday cottages and a great campsite to choose from. You’ll be sure to enjoy some good food and ale at the local Tavern which is full of character!


We tailor this to suit your aspirations but typically… 

Day 1:             

  • Meet at the ferry in Ilfracombe to offload kayaks, sort kit for the journey (some lighter-weight kit can be carried in the kayaks, such as sleeping bags, thermarests, clothing, etc). Check-in is 09.00 with Departure 10.00 and Arrival on Lundy 12.00
  • Pitch camp or settle into your accommodation 
  • Afternoon paddle on the East side of the Island 
  • Evening meal at the Tavern if you wish.

Day 2: 

  • Circumnavigation of the Island and explore the bits. Packed Lunch out on the water. 
  • Evening meal at the Tavern which is full or island character!

Day 3: 

  • Walking tour of the Island in the morning followed by a sea kayak trip to the north end of the island and visiting the best bits for wildlife in the afternoon
  • Evening meal and fine Ale at the Tavern 


  • Morning paddle to the South of the Island 
  • Back for lunch and pack up ready to leave.
  • Make our way to the ferry for 15.30 departure.
  • Arrive back in Ilfracombe at 18.30 

Feel free to bring snorkelling gear and a wetsuit as there should be a good chance of getting closer to the seals this way if you’d like. Sunday/Monday people can do their own thing if they wish and join in on either trip as and when they fancy. Lundy is a fantastic place to visit and the wildlife is amazing so it will be an awesome few days!

Prices from £359 – Contact us for more details

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