Women’s Level 2 Course

Enjoy 2 days on the water with like minded women! We are passionate about empowering women to develop their paddling, taking their skills to the next level. Lead by our highly experienced and qualified female coaches, this course is designed to help you build on your current skills and covers topics like efficient forward paddle strokes, safety and self rescue, tidal planning and navigation all whilst taking in the stunning scenery and wildlife of the South Devon Coastline. We know women and girls face barriers when it comes to outdoor activities; fear of judgement, lacking confidence and lack of role models to name a few but our Women’s Course are a fun way to build your knowledge, learn new skills and make new friends.

Course Content

We tailor each course to suit your needs and meet the aspirations of the group. However, a typical Women’s Level 2 course will involve things like: 

  • How to select good launching and landing sites 
  • Personal skill development and efficient forward paddle strokes
  • Quality, individual coaching and feedback  
  • Rescue and emergency procedures 
  • Tidal planning and navigation 
  • Paddling as part of a group, how to help a friend that has got into difficulty 
  • Equipment, what to carry and how to use it
  • Each day, your coach will use our world-class location to lead you to sections of the coast that you might not have had the confidence to experience without their expertise
  • Certification – Awarded by Britsh Canoeing (Internationally Recognised)  

The Course is very much practical-based, with full days out on the water. There is a huge amount of truly inspirational Sea Kayaking on offer in Devon; you will plan trips that take you through this spectacular environment, developing your skills and understanding as you paddle. You can expect to see lots of amazing wildlife and to eat your pack lunch on a remote beach. 

The Right Level For Me?

You’re an outdoor enthusiast and want to get into going on journeys in a Sea Kayak. You don’t need to have a lot of previous experience in a kayak; however, you will get the most out of the course if you are averagely fit and relatively confident in the water. 

Challenge By Choice

Do you want to learn to Roll back up after a capsize (AKA an Eskimo Roll). No problem just tell your coach and you can cover it on the course. Don’t fancy getting wet? No problem just let your coach know. Although we do have a selection of top of the range drysuits that you can borrow if the water is cold! 

If you are keen, another highlight (conditions permitting) is experiencing the thrill of surfing waves in a Sea Kayak!